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Following up on our previous post, theReplica Burberry Handbags Cruise 2015 Collection by Juergen Teller. We highlighted the Losange tote bag, which was diamond quilted, in red and refined in golden hardware. We absolutely love that and today, we are revealing you why. But instead of explaining, you need to glance at the pictures yourself.

Notice how the LV is engraved on the front flap, they are not boring and flat. They want to pop out, very shiny and luxurious. The golden chain is killing-me-softly, I just hope they will include a shoulder strap, Nicolas please…

Replica Burberry Handbags

If the above’s Replica Burberry Handbags is too much for you, I mean: ‘red is not for everyone’ right? Then perhaps this bag will suit your style, it’s in monogram and has a playful closure embellished on the front flap.

You got classic speedy, the neverfull, but you desire more of the iconic’s, this is a new bag that will be released for the Cruise 2015 Collection. The sides look like being wrapped around each other, reminding me of the latest Hermes Replica Bags.

And if cream is all what you want on your cake, then for the next season, carry a tote in plain white. This bag is streamlined and it’s not even trying to scream: ‘I’m Replica Burberry Handbags, look at me’. A tiny LV logo on the right bottom, just the way I like it.

We will post the prices and details later on, this collection has not yet been released, therefore information are limited. Like our Facebook page to the updates.