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Our crave for handbags never ends and YSL Replica Handbags will never stop unleashing new ones. There is a new tote, a practical tote, a daily use tote that is both beautiful and investment-worthy. So who is it? Meet the YSL Replica Handbags for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. The name might be very simple, but the bag isn’t. Let’s dive into the details.

YSL Replica Handbags

The first thing to notice is the extremely chic leather; the Monogram www.jumibag.net. This leather is made from supple cowhide and processed to create that iconic Monogram texture. No one can hide their eyes from this bag; it’s YSL Replica Handbags and to-die-for.

The front of the bag is built with a zip pocket. Take a closer look at the double zipper and the shape of the zip pocket. It’s a V-shape, the V for Vuitton ladies! And oh yes, it’s not one, but double zip pockets.

Overall, the bag has a nice feminine shape that holds. The top is crafted with 2 handles for hand or elbow carry. It comes with a long leather strap that can be removed or adjusted for your comfort, and obvious this strap is for shoulder carry.

There are 4 golden studs crafted on the front as well, just above the V zip pocket for decoration purpose. The zippers are also attached to contrasting leather pulls for the chic look.

If you dive inside the bag, you will get a good look of the interior. Inside you will find one main compartment, a big one! As well as a flat pocket. This is definitely a bag to love, especially when you’re a busy woman and need a stylish companion with a lot of space.